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vd Veer Engineering
Haldex Controller
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Creating Ideas & helping out

Product development

Helps with creating the concept and development of electronic products.

Car electronics

Creates all car electronics. Specilized in creating wiring loom for custom made cars.


Programms codes for several products or websites.

Web development

Creates websites from design to development.

Get in control!

Now you can connect your 4Motion to your smartphone

Haldex Controller

Haldex Controller

Haldex Performance Controller to have full control of the Haldex 4Motion system. Used in Dragrace, Track race, Street race and Daily driving. The Haldex Controller can be used in original 4Motion car with a plug and play solution or run the Haldex in a standalone solution in any car from a Golf MK1 to newest cars. The standalone solution does not need any other sensors like the ABS.

All controls will be done with the Haldex Controller App. Switching driving modes, creating Maps and viewing Haldex data.

The system is fully plug and play for all Haldex models. No need to change or replace parts of the Haldex so the Haldex Controller can be removed just as easy and installed in another car.
Almost all VAG Haldex systems are supported Gen1 Gen2 Gen4 and Gen5 0AY.

About me

Hi there. My name is Jeroen and i'm from the Netherlands. From my educations in electronics, I have developed myself in several fields in the past years. I now develop products, work a lot with car electronics, build websites and program. I have been able to make my job out of my hobby

Do you have any doubts if i can help you? Don't hesitate and contact me.