Black/Purple      12v switched power
Brown                Ground

Black/Red          Output RPM Coil pulse for Mk1/Mk2
Gray/Red           Output RPM 12v pulse for Mk3
Blue/White         Output VSS Speed

Orange/Brown   Input CAN-BUS Low
Orange/Black    Input CAN-BUS High

White                 Input VSS Speed

Black/Red RPM wire has HIGH VOLTAGE connect and isolate before turning on the device.
Only connect this output to a Coil Tacho!! Golf Mk1, Golf Mk2.

Car connections

CE2 Fusebox

Golf Mk2/3        RPM      G1/12 White connector, Green/Black or Red/Black wire     
Golf Mk3            Speed   G1/11 White connector, White/blue wire

CE1 Fusebox

Golf Mk1/2        RPM      D26 Red/Black


The convertor has WiFi for settings and firmware updates.
Connect WiFi to ‘CAN Convertor’.
WiFi Password: 1234567890

Go to webpage
Login: can
Pass: convertor

CAN BUS RPM input works with all VAG CANBUS ECU’s.

On power up the controller will do a needle sweep.