Haldex Controller Firmware Release Notes

Release version 1.3.18


- Gen2, Gen4, Gen5 0AY, no data send to car causing lights on dash.

Launch Control lock to 50/50 removed.

Release version 1.3.17


- Gen5 0AY Fault code fix
- PQ CAN ABS Speed output signal fix
- MQB CAN fix for gateway fault code 131599 - Control Module for All Wheel Drive Clutch U0114 00 [009] - No Communication
- Correction for default track map max speed and throttle was 100/0 set to 50/50

- Saab Haldex Gen4 support added
- VAG Haldex Gen1 extended torque values added
- VAG Haldex Gen5 0CQ extended torque values added
- CAN protocol Saab added
- CAN Protocol MaxxECU added
- CAN Protocol Haltech added
- CAN Protocol KMS added
- CAN MQB data added - Hazardlight
- CAN MQB data added - Drive mode
- CAN MQB data added - Haldex drive mode
- CAN PQ data added - Hazardlight
- CAN PQ data added - Drive mode
- Bluetooth data message added for additional car data
- Burnout mode on Hazardlight (also parkingbrake)

- Speed mode changes:
Speed intervals can be changed
3 Presets can be made to have 3 different maps available for fast switching
Default map and intervals can be loaded


Release version 1.3.15

- Gen4 Missing engine message in passthru mode
- CAN Timing adjustment
- Output 2 RPM output PWM correction

- CAN Trace function
- Output 2 enable switch


Release version 1.3.14

- Canbus protocol input added EmuBlack 1000k
- Canbus protocol input added Megasquirt 500k
- Canbus EmuBlack brake signal
- Volvo Haldex real pressure value in input debug

- Bug with reverse signal setting haldex to 100/0 random
- PQ Brakepressure value correction
- PQ 4 Wheel speeds value correction
- MQB Brakepressure value correction
- Track mode speed interval value
- Track mode throttle interval value not saved correct


Release version 1.3.13

- MQB CAN wheel speed values added
- Gen5 Traction mode selection adde
- Haldex model detection added
- Manual switch option Track mode added
- Volvo haldex temperature OBD request added
- Volvo P2 Gen2 added
- Volvo P2 Gen3 added
- CAN input Volvo P2, P3, P1 added
- Signal diagnostics added

- Engine temperature value corrected
- MQB Gen5 0CQ missing message fixed
- MQB CAN Parkingbrake input fixed
- Various small bug fixes


Release version 1.3.11

- Gen2 Extended values added

- Gen2 Lock issue on start


Release version 1.3.9

- Boost Pressure PQ
- Brake Pressure PQ


Release version 1.3.8

- Handbrake before LC


Release version 1.3.7

- Update bug fixed
- Gen5 0CQ Haldex temperature OBD request added
- Brake pressure added


Release version 1.3.6

- Manual switch default settings on Reset
- Popup message on Reset
- Track Settings clear speed interval to default 30km/h
- Track Settings clear speed interval activate to default off
- Map advanced steering angle bug


Release version 1.3.5

- More MQB car canbus data added
- MQB Steering angle added
- Gen5 0CQ now fully supported no more time issues
- Gen5 0CQ standalone also supported
- Recording function to record car data
- Option to disable Haldex on Reverse (only DSG)
- Option to disable Haldex on Parking based on custom speed and steering angle
- Launch Control set Haldex to 50/50 (only DSG)
- New Mode Track

- Gen5 0CQ Parkingbrake not setting haldex to OFF


Release version 1.2

- Performance improvements
- New mode Map


Release version 1.1.2

- Performance improvements
- Bug Manual switch position on settings page not correct
- Gen5 OAY support