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Haldex Controller Manual

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Haldex Controller Main screen

Lock Mode

The Haldex power is set by a fixed value that the user sets with the App
Can be adjusted in steps of 10%
100 / 0
90 / 10
80 / 20
70 / 30
60 / 40
50 / 50

100 / 0 is 0% to the haldex unit but the pre charge pump is still active for Gen1 and Gen2

Throttle Mode

The Haldex power is set by the configured value at a certain throttle position.
Throttle position in steps of 10%
0 – 10% 50 / 50
10 – 20% 60 / 40
20 – 30% 50 / 40

Speed Mode

The Haldex power is set by the configured value at a certain velocity.
Speed in steps of 20 km/h
0 – 20 km/h 50 / 50
20 – 40 km/h 60 / 40
40 – 60 km/h 50 / 40

Boost Mode

The Haldex power is set by the configured value at a certain boost pressure.
Boost in steps of 100 mBar
0 – 100 mBar 50 / 50
20 – 40 mBar 60 / 40
40 – 60 mBar  50 / 40

Passthru Mode

All signals from the car are passed thru to the Haldex so it will function like original.
The display will shows the current Haldex power.


The Haldex unit is completely off including the pre charge pump.
The car will drive like any normal 2WD car.


Haldex status -- / --
This will show the actual status of the haldex clutch, front wheels / rear wheels.
Since the front wheel are always connected max power to the rear wheel can be 50% 50/50.

Settings button to the corresponding Mode settings.
Brake ignore settings (only visible when activated in settings menu).


Error Icon
When active you can tap the icon to show the error.
No connection to Haldex - problem with communication to haldex

Brake Icon
The icon will light up when the brake is applied.

Parkingbrake Icon


Haldex Controller Settings

haldex controller settings


On the settings tab all the settings of the controller can be changed.
All settings are saved on the controller

CAN Input settings:

Throttle input
Turn ON to use the CAN-BUS throttle signal from the ECU.
Turn Off to use the 5v Analog input on the controller.

Speed input
Turn ON to use the CAN-BUS speed signal from the ABS module.
Turn Off to use the 12v VSS Analog input on the controller.

Brake input
Turn ON to use the CAN-BUS brake signal from the ABS module.
Turn Off to use the 12v Analog input on the controller.
Preffered to set it to analog input its faster and all cars have it connected.

Boost input
Turn ON to use the CAN-BUS boost signal from the ECU.
Turn Off to use the 5v Analog input on the controller.

Parkingbrake input
Turn ON to use the CAN-BUS boost signal from the Tacho.
Turn Off to use the Analog input on the controller.

Other Settings:

Speed km/h / mph
Currently not in use, will change all values viewed on the App to mph

Default mode
The controller will start in the selected mode, in last used mode the controller starts in de mode that was used the last time.

Manual switch
When the Haldex Controller is delivered with a manual switch this option must be activated to use the switch.
Only activate when a switch is connected or it could leed to unwanted behavior.

Return mode
When the manual switch is set to App mode it will go to the selected mode.

Brake Ignore
By default the Haldex is turned off when brake pedal is applied.
Turn this option on the Controller will ignore the brake signal and keep the Haldex on the selected value.

Button on main screen
As requested for use on track to easly switch the brake ignore option from the main screen.
Turn on will add a button on the main screen to toggle brake ignore option.

Brake image
By default the brake icon is gray and light gray.
Turn on will set the brake active icon on the main screen to red.

Main screen
Normal is the default layout
Race layout has been added to be used in landscape mode and will have big buttons.

Broadcast Haldex
Special option only used in special occasions, only needed in inline configurations with cars that do not accept the haldex on the CAN network.
Turn off will block haldex traffic to the car this will fix ABS coding problem where coding of 4motion is not possible.

Boost calibration:

This option allow calibration for the analog boost sensor input.
Check datasheet from used pressure sensor for correct values.
VAG Boost sensor will have 555 mBar per 1 volt

Throttle calibration:

Throttle calibration for the analog input, here you can set the low and high point off the throttle pedal.

Controller Reset:

Controller Reset
When the button is pressed all current settings will be restored to the default setting.

Controller Reboot
When the button is pressed the Controller will reboot.


Throttle Settings

Settings for Throttle mode

Speed Settings

Settings for Speed mode

Boost Settings

Settings for Boost mode

Controller Search

To connect to a different controller, press scan for devices and select the new Haldex Controller from the list.
It will ask for the pincode press 1234 and OK, the new controller is now connected and saved.

Controller Update

This option allow the App to Update the Haldex Controller with new firmware.
Controller firmware will show the current version that is installed.
New firmware is the version that is available to load in the controller.

The Controller needs to be set to the Update mode press the Bootloader button.
When it replies with Bootloader not available the controller needs to be updated with correct firmware by USB cable!

Press Start Update to load new firmware to the Controller, this may take 5-10 minutes to complete the blue bar below will show the progress.
When the update is complete it will message Ready.
When a update fails the controller can be updated or reloaded with a USB cable.

Manual Switch

All positions of the manual switch can be programmed.
Press get settings to retrieve all the current settings from the controller.
For each position you can set the desired behaviour.

The switch can be calibrated when position are not cerrectly.
Switch position will show current position if this in not correct perfrom the calibration.

For each position you need to calibrate
Move the switch to the 1 position most left then hit the button set next to Pos 1.
Do this for each position.

haldex controller manual switch settings

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