Haldex Controller Update

Haldex Controller main firmware update. 


Update can be done by Android App or USB


- Gen2, Gen4, Gen5 0AY, no data send to car causing lights on dash.

Launch Control lock to 50/50 removed.





How to update by App:

  • Turn ignition on
  • Open the Haldex Controller App
  • Go to Controller Update menu
  • Click on CHECK button to download latest firmware file to the App
  • Select firmware version in dropdown menu
  • Click Bootloader to switch controller to update mode
  • Click Start Update to load selected firmware
  • Update takes about 5 minuts
  • When the status bar is at 100% and status shows Ready! the update has finished

Keep the update screen active while the update is running! if you leave the screen the update might not finish correct.

When a update has failed and the controller is not responding you need to load firmware by usb.

How to update by USB:

Needed, Windows PC with USB and Micro USB cable

Download the update files:


  • Open the case of the Haldex Controller (orange led is probably not blinking)
  • Insert USB cable into Controler and PC
  • When the pc does not detect the USB press and hold the erase button and insert USB cable.
  • Install drivers if needed
  • Start HaldexControllerUpdate.exe
  • Select update file
  • Refresh com port
  • Start update
  • Now reinsert USB cable and try to connect to controller with the App. (orange led should be blinking now)
  • If everything is working reinstall in the car.