VE Haldex Controller
Now you can connect your 4Motion to your smartphone




Haldex Controller performace

VE Haldex Controller

VE Haldex Performance Controller to have full control of the Haldex 4Motion system. Used in Dragrace, Track race, Street race and Daily driving. The Haldex Controller can be used in original 4Motion car with a plug and play solution or run the Haldex in a standalone solution in any car from a Golf MK1 to newest cars. The standalone solution does not need any other sensors like the ABS.

Controll by app

All controls will be done with the Haldex Controller App. Switching driving modes, creating Maps and viewing Haldex data.

The system is fully plug and play for all Haldex models. No need to change or replace parts of the Haldex so the Haldex Controller can be removed just as easy and installed in another car.

Almost all VAG Haldex systems are supported
Gen1, Gen2, Gen4, Gen5 0AY, Gen5 0CQ(MQB).


Haldex Controller modes

Haldex Controller App overview

OFF mode

Turn the Haldex completely off including the pre charge pump. The car will drive like any normal 2WD car.

Locked mode

Lock the Haldex to a fixed value with the App no matter what the car does the Haldex will always stay at the selected power split. Can be adjusted in steps of 10%. 100/0, 90/0, 80/0, 70/30, 60/40, 50/50.
100 / 0 is 0% to the haldex unit but the pre charge pump is still active.

Throttle mode

The Haldex power is set by the custom configured value at a certain throttle position. Throttle position in steps of 10%.
0 – 10% 50 / 50
10 – 20% 60 / 40
20 – 30% 50 / 40

Speed mode

The Haldex power is set by the custom configured value at a certain speed. Speed in steps of 20 km/h.
0 – 20 km/h 50 / 50
20 – 40 km/h 60 / 40
40 – 60 km/h 50 / 40

Boost mode

The Haldex power is set by the custom configured value at a certain boost value. Boost value in steps of 250 mBar.

MAP mode

A more advanced mode that will use both throttle and speed input signal.
Extra advanced option for steering angle.

Track mode

Mode for track race. this mode uses norm. throttle, steering angle and speed. fully customizable.
Advanced features like brake settings and lock hold.

Passthru mode

The Haldex will run like stock.
The App will shows the current Haldex power generated by the Haldex.

Haldex Controller menu
Haldex Controller inputs canbus

Standalone functions

Analog Inputs

  • Throttle - 5V
  • Speed - 12v Vss
  • Boost - 5V
  • Brake - 12V
  • Handbrake - Ground

Brake input

When the brake signal is applied, the Haldex will be set to 100/0 so no torque is applied to the rear wheels.

Brake Ignore is also possible.

Handbrake input

When the handbrake signal is applied the Haldex will be disabled including the pre charge pump.

Burnouts are possible since the Haldex is completely turned off.


Output2 The Controller has a RPM output for converting CAN-BUS RPM to Analog.

Manual Switch add-on

For faster control or to switch without the App the optional manual switch can be used. It has 12 available positions and all can be programmed to all modes or lock positions.

Haldex Controller manual switch

Inline (Plug and Play)

The inline wiring is set for all original 4Motion car. The wiring is 100% plug and play.

Haldex Controller Inline plug and play Gen5
Haldex Controller Standalone


Standalone wiring set for all 4Motion swapped cars. The loom has 3.5 m wires and includes all wires for the analog inputs.

Haldex Controller running lock mode

Complete control with
one app

The App is available in both the Google Play store and the Apple App store.

Haldex Controller manual
Installation guide
Compatibility list


Pure. Professional. Performance.

Haldex Type

Gen1, Gen2, Gen4, Gen5


2x CANBUS, USB, Bluetooth Classic, BLE, WiFi


2x 12V 1,5A PWM


Power 12V,  4x Digital, 3x Analog


Standalone 3,5 m, Inline 1 m


Manual Switch