Haldex Controller Gen1

Haldex Controller Gen1

Installation instruction for the Haldex Controller Gen1.
This will apply to Golf Mk4, Audi TT A3 S3 and other Gen1 cars.

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Haldex Controller Plug and Play set
Remove spare wheel to access the haldex wiring.
Remove the grommet where the wire goes under the car.
Under the car locate the connector holder.
Unhook the connector from the holder
Disconnect the connectors.
Run the new loom thru the grommet and down the hole.
Route the loom to the haldex connection point
Connect the new connectors to the original haldex connectors
Put the grommet back in place.
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Insert connectors in the Haldex Controller

Haldex Controller App

Go to the Google Play store or Apple store and download the App.

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