Haldex Controller VW T5 Transporter

Haldex Controller VW T5 Transporter

Installation instruction for the Haldex Controller VW T5 Transporter.

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Volkswagen T5 Installation guide for the Haldex Controller

Using the specially tailored harness for the VW T5, it is possible to connect The Haldex Controller to an existing connector in the left D-pillar.
The connector is labeled T8ag in the VW current flow diagram. The installation is very easy.

To expose the T8ag connector the rear side panel trim has to be removed. In the panel van the procedure for this is obvious.
If your T5 is equipped with the multivan/caravelle interior, the trim has to be pulled from the frame at the right points.
These are marked in the photos (long wheelbase). Be careful, the holders for the clamping pins are weak and easy to break.

When the trim is removed you will find the T8ag connector behind the seat belt. To reach it it may be helpful to unscrew the seat belt bracket.
The T8ag is the connector at the bottom.
The part of the connector that is clipped into the frame and has pins is the one supplying voltage and CAN from the main harness in the front of the car.
The part of the connector that can be unplugged and has receptacles is the one leading to the Haldex unit underneath the car.
The yellow gunk in the pictures is rust protection wax.

In this car there was a vacant spot just above the T8ag to put the corresponding connector from the Haldex controller harness.
The connector going to the Haldex unit is to be connected there and the other connector that goes to the Haldex controller is connected to the existing connector at the bottom of the frame.

Then the only thing left to do is reassemble the interior trim and attach the haldex controller someplace suitable in the jack compartment.

If you plan to use the remote control the suggested route for the cable would be in the roof and down the A-pillar to the dashboard.
For a long wheelbase vehicle the cable need to be 8m or slightly more depending on where on the dash you plan to put the remote.



Left rear side panel pin locations front
Left Rear side panel pin locations back

Haldex Controller App

Go to the Google Play store or Apple store and download the App.

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