Haldex Controller Manual Switch

Haldex Controller Addon
Manual Switch for faster mode switching

12 Positions and all custom programma

Shaft Dia.(1/4" - 6.35mm)

This image for Image Layouts addon

Controller connection

Black connector

Pin 8 - Switch ground - Brown/White
Pin 11 - Switch 5v - Grey/Red
Pin 12 - Switch signal - White

Haldex Controller manual switch
The switch has 12 positions which can be limited
Manual switch
Insert the lock ring at the number you want the switch to stop
Haldex Controller manual switch menu

Manual switch menu to program the position and calibrate the switch

Manual switch

For each switch position you can select the desired option

Haldex Controller manual switch menu

The switch can be calibrated when position are not correctly.
Switch position will show current position if this in not correct perfrom the calibration.

For each position you need to calibrate
Move the switch to the 1 position most left then hit the button set next to Pos 1.
Do this for each position.